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Diamond Fortress Technologies is a first-stage biometric security provider headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. DFT provides a first-of-its-kind touchless fingerprint biometric software solution with our patent-pending and copyright-protected software module, known as ONYX™. Our product makes touch-based fingerprint sensors on mobile phones unnecessary.

ONYX provides a greater level of biometric security than touch-based fingerprint scanners by using a mobile device’s rear-facing camera to take a picture of a finger and then applies our proprietary algorithms to accurately identify and match the user’s unique fingerprint.

Our timing is perfect. Computer industry experts recognize that the current system of online identification, primarily handled by passwords, is broken and must be replaced by a more trustworthy and secure method of identification. Meanwhile, the rise in use of mobile devices, including BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), is ushering society into a “Post-PC” era in which confidential, personal, proprietary and identity information has never been more at risk.
We are the only company that can provide an enterprise-level right-here right-now mobile biometric authentication solution. We also address the needs that drive our targets, including cloud adoption, BYOD, the increased demand for regulatory compliance, and the ability to adjust security levels depending on the sensitivity of the protected data. This leads top analysts from Gartner, Inc. and Goode Intelligence to believe ONYX will change the landscape of mobile authentication on a global scale.

Our technology can be delivered as a Software Development Kit for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry platforms. It is backwards compatible, can be used with third party matchers, and integrates well with existing systems. ONYX deploys more broadly and quickly and at a lower cost than any other mobile biometric system. As device manufacturers create better cameras, our solution inherently improves. We can further enhance the product through over-the-air updates.

ONYX avoids many of the distorting variables present with touch-based hardware scanners, resulting in a more accurate copy of the actual fingerprint. Due to its touchless nature, it is more hygienic and secure, as it leaves no latent prints or residue behind.