Capability Statement

  • Governments around the world are implementing improved mobile technology for an increasing number of their public servants. Agency chiefs understand how technology can increase efficiency and effectiveness, but the reality of budget limitations often prevents officers having the technology they need with them at all times. Quality mobile biometrics has been prohibitively expensive and cumbersome to implement.
  • At Diamond Fortress Technologies, we now provide an affordable, first-of-its-kind touchless fingerprint biometric software solution with our patent-pending and copyright-protected software module, known as ONYX™. Our product makes specialized mobile fingerprint scanners unnecessary - the officer simply needs his or her smartphone.


  • ONYX provides fingerprint identification, identity verification, template matching, database enrollment, and biometric authentication.ŒŒ
  • We consult with agencies not only about the integration of ONYX, but also about the affected processes. This allows clients to fully leverage the strength and efficiency of ONYX.ŒŒ
  • While ONYX isn’t an application in itself, we often custom-build apps for clients, including everything from designing the user interface and flow to final testing and distribution.ŒŒ
  • The worldwide leader in fingerprint matching algorithms, Innovatrics, has worked with our engineers to develop DFT’s proprietary custom matching software. This allows ONYX to match against 10,000,000 fingerprint records per second on an optimized server.


  • Diamond Fortress is the only provider of fingerprint biometrics that runs on almost any model of phone, without the need for a hardware sensor. ONYX also works on tablets that meet the camera specifications and include a LED to illuminate the finger.ŒŒ
  • Our touchless technology produces higher-quality prints than touch-based sensors. There isn’t anything extra, like an OTP keyfob or access card, that the user has to carry around besides their phone.ŒŒ
  • All of this is done without the need for the user to remember any passwords or PINs.


  • Allowing physical access to restricted areas.ŒŒ
  • From the mobile device or desktop computer, users can approve transactions - financial or otherwise.ŒŒ
  • Run background checks on subjects against any fingerprint database, with almost instant results.ŒŒ
  • Identify, verify the identity of, and enroll a subject or victim in the field immediately.ŒŒ
  • Integrating the GPS capabilities of the mobile device, the exact location of the subject encounter, along with the time of identification, can be collected.ŒŒ
  • Provide two-factor authentication to log-in to sensitive applications.