Having problems taking a quality image?

Thumb Anchoring – To improve stability, position your thumb on the side of your phone
as shown in Fig. 2.

Fill Ellipse – Make sure the distal pad of the finger fills the oval.

Do not include first joint. The application works better when the image doesn’t contain the creases that make up the first joint. See Fig. 3 for an example.

While walking – Stop walking.

Hold the device and your finger as still as possible while the camera is focusing and capturing.

Having problems unlocking with your fingerprint?

Try re-enrolling your fingerprint.

Try unlocking using your PIN.

Having problems downloading or installing from the Play Store?

Cannot find ICE Unlock in the Play Store?

Ice Unlock will only show up in the Play Store if you have a compatible device. If your device is not currently compatible, ICE Unlock will not be in your search results.

Installation will not start or hangs up while downloading?

Check your internet connection.
Is the Play Store having problems? Try again at a later time.

Cannot transfer APK file from computer to mobile device?

Does your device appear in your computer’s file browser?
If not, please install the correct drivers for your device.

Does your device have enough free space for the APK?

If not, delete unnecessary files until there is enough room.

Is the USB cable plugged in securely?

Check. And if not, plug cable in securely.

APK file is on the device, but having problems installing?

The downloaded APK file may be corrupt. Re-install from the Play Store.

Having problems with settings?

There is an ON/OFF switch at the top of the main menu to disable or enable ICE Unlock.

The lock delay is the time between the screen turning off and ICE Unlock activating. It is not the time it takes for the screen to turn off.

Having problems unlocking while driving?

If you have noticed, it is somewhat difficult to use ICE Unlock while driving a car. This is a security feature of ICE Unlock. While you can easily answer an incoming call, it is difficult to unlock your device so you will not be tempted to dial, text, or surf the internet while you are driving. However, in an emergency, you can still unlock your phone using your PIN. We do not recommend unlocking with your fingerprint while driving.

Having PIN problems?

Your PIN must be a minimum of 4 digits, but you can make your PIN as long as you want. We recommend using 6-8 digits for added security.

If you forget your PIN, unlock using your fingerprint.


As an additional feature, ICE Unlock can use your rear illumination as a flashlight.

Receiving error: “Unfortunately, ICE Unlock has stopped working.”

If this is the first time you have received this message, restart your device. If you get this message repeatedly, uninstall ICE Unlock and then reinstall.

LED goes into “strobe” mode. (Continuous flashing)

If your device is stuck in strobe mode, press the button that makes your device go to sleep, and then wake it up again, or remove the battery for a second if possible.