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The First Of Its Kind

A touchless fingerprint solution that utilizes existing hardware

ONYXTM is a software-based authentication solution that uses a device's camera to capture and identify a user's unique fingerprint. A quick download and install enables touchless fingerprint access on just about any mobile device. Manufacturers can integrate quickly and easily, as it's entirely software-based.

ONYX forever changes the way businesses and users interact on mobile devices. We give businesses more flexibility in delivering their data, products and services, while providing customers with a game-changing combination of increased security, reliability and convenience.

Greater Accuracy

Images we capture from a mobile device's camera are "normalized" with our software resulting in more accurate fingerprint rendering and identification.

If your finger is dirty or it has a scratch, Onyx will still capture your fingerprint. Our software compensates for distortion by allowing adjustments in tolerance levels: if by default we're scanning 100 data points, we can lower it and still get a reliable match.


Better Reliability

Because Onyx is touchless you don't have to worry about the sensor getting dirt or oil build up over time, which causes reliability issues with touch-based sensors.

Another inherent problem with touch-based sensors is pressure. When various amounts of pressure are applied to a touch-based sensor the image collected can be distorted.  Onyx's touchless approach removes pressure from the equation.

We can reliably enroll 99% of the population - regardless of age or skin pigmentation.


Inherently Progressive

Mobile device manufacturers already have huge Research and Development departments working to constantly make their cameras better. It only makes sense to let them do the hardware improvements, allowing us to concentrate on making our software better and ensuring it’s compatible with the latest camera enhancements.

By putting our focus on software, not hardware, we are positioned to take advantage of emerging technologies. In the near future, other innovations such as 3D cameras, infrared technology, and ultrasonic sensors may allow Diamond Fortress Technologies to improve Onyx in ways never before thought possible.


Fast & Easy Deployment

Unlike the more common hardware solutions, Onyx is entirely software-based, which gives us the ability to deploy it faster than those that are hardware-based.

Because Onyx is a software library, we can bypass the manufacturing/warehousing/delivery/implementation issues our competitors are presently grappling with.



Developers and manufacturers looking to incorporate biometric authentication into their devices and systems can easily integrate Onyx without having to incur the expense of developing purpose-built hardware and concerning themselves with form factor redesigns.

This reduces cost and integration time so that you can get Onyx in the hands of your users faster than with typical hardware based touch sensors.

Onyx can also be integrated with your existing database/system.



Any time improvements are made and fully tested, the updated software can be pushed out right away to your end-users over the air. As hardware becomes more advanced, Onyx can capitalize on those improvements almost immediately.

Of course, additional functionality and user improvements can be distributed in exactly the same way.

Our OTA update system was intentionally designed to keep Onyx flexible enough to adapt to whatever the future has in store.

How it works

ONYX is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Finger Placement

Place your finger in view of the rear facing camera. (Anchoring the thumb to the side of the phone helps for stability)

The Finger Guide

Center the finger inside the finger guide. ONYX will then auto-focus and auto-capture the fingerprint.



Diamond Security

Security Focused

Onyx quietly works behind the scenes to support secure, frictionless, anytime/anywhere authentication. It becomes the de facto means of proving you are who you say you are for all mobile-based business to business or business to consumer or personal interactions.

We never store your fingerprint. We take the image and convert it to a template using complex mathematical algorithms. The resulting template is stored in the secure layer of your mobile device. It can also be stored securely on an enterprise wide server.

A Secure Solution For Many Markets and Scenarios

  • Finance & Banking
  • Health Care
  • In-App Purchases
  • Border Control
  • Enterprise Security
  • Identity Management
  • OEM & Devices
  • Law Enforcement
  • Physical Access
  • Safe Industry

The future of mobile authentication is here.

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Founded in 2004, Innovatrics provides fastaccurate,interoperable and sensor independent fingerprint recognition software for incorporation into final biometric applications. Innovatrics components offer exceptional performance perfectly suitable for both, high-end and low-cost biometric applications. Nowadays, independent software vendors, system integrators, biometric sensor manufacturers and AFIS constructors demand fast and accurate fingerprint recognition algorithm, capable of sensor interoperability and compliant with biometric standards. By working closely with these global partners, Innovatrics pursues its vision to bring the ultimate fingerprint recognition softwareto various biometric market segments and applications such as access control, network security and identification systems.

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Crescent Memorial manufactures and provides quality products and services through local funeral homes.  They have partnered with DFT to offer the Crescent Life Print Memorial Keepsakes. Created by using a combination of traditional jewelry techniques, modern technology and your loved one’s fingerprint they offer a physical touch to a loved one’s life, they are created from two-dimensional ink prints that are then replicated onto bronze, .925 sterling silver, 14k yellow gold, or 14k white gold.